Install Instructions

Ball Joint Spacer Installation Guide


  1. Place vehicle on level ground – hand brake on and in gear or park.
  2. Slightly loosen wheel nuts
  3. Jack up the car till front wheel is off the ground and secure chassis with car stand
  4. Remove front wheel
  5. Place jack under lower control arm and jack up till the car is almost lifted off the car stand.
  6. Remove the three bolts from the top ball joint – when removing the last bolt be aware the hub assembly will likely fall towards the outside of the car so brace with hand and remove with caution. The hub won’t fall off, it will just lean towards you.
  7. Place the spacer on top of the ball joint and align 3 holes
  8. Lean the hub back in and align the ball joint under the upper control arm
  9. Pressing down on the upper control arm with one hand and with the other hand drop in a bolt with one washer, add a washer and nut on the bottom and do up finger tight – this will hold the ball joint and spacer close to in place and allow a free hand to install the remaining two bolts and nuts.
  10. Insert the other 2 bolts. Do up all three evenly. Torque spec for ball joint bolts is 57nm.
  11. Release the jack from the lower control arm
  12. Put wheel back on.
  13. Jack up car and remove car stand.
  14. Place car back on the ground.
  15. Repeat process on the other side.