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IMPORTANT:- If you are uncertain whether this is the correct EGR Delete Module for your Australian vehicle, please use this EGR Delete Module search tool.


What is this?

This modification loom deletes your EGR system. The loom is a fully molded and has a double-shielded construction. No tools are required to install the loom and it takes second to install. It is a simple plug and play design.

The modification loom does not set off any engine codes.

Like all EGR modifications, they are not road legal, but there are no issues with this modification with new car warranties as you can simply unplug it when heading in for your services. There will be no sign of any modification ever being done.

This kit is a professionally made product and designed by specialists and it comes with a full year replacement warranty (from the date of purchase).

Each product is inspected and Dielectric Grease is applied to the pins of the plugs (Male & Female), for information about the grease please refer to the images of the grease I use (Tube of grease not included just applied). I personally apply this dielectric grease on all my plugs on my cars to prevent any issues from the elements, mainly the corrosive properties of salt water. Even though all plugs in your engine bay are IP rated, there is still a chance of atmospheric pressure changes that can draw in contaminates. This is used in all marine applications as a precaution, my back ground is in marine craft and old habits are hard to kick. 

What are the benefits?

EGR stands for "Exhaust Gas Recirculation". Put simply, it recycles your exhaust gases back into your engine in order to reduce the amount of gases and pollution put into the atmosphere by your car. Why should you care? Well, it means burnt, deoxygenated, hot air with carbon deposits being circulated through your intake system.

This results in premature wear and blockage to your intake system/motor.

Although the main purpose of this delete is to deal with the issues above, customers who have purchased this modification loom have experienced the following additional benefits:-

  1. Performance gains (including better fuel consumption, smoother boost/power delivery).
  2. Quieter running engine.
  3. Clean, fresh air intake.
  4. No limp mode or fault codes.

The EGR system is a necessary evil (to your engine) to reduce pollution emissions. As such, whilst it is good for the environment, it is bad for your engine. 

There are some articles out there stating these EGR looms are bad for your engine, to clarify the loom does not change the engine coolant running temperature, it modifies the ambient air reading at the MAF Sensor. With these vehicles, the ambient air reading is only used for the EGR operations and therefore does not impact the air fuel ratios. From this, the only change that is made with air fuel ratios would be the more efficient running of the engine, due to not sucking in the exhaust gases.

Still experiencing EGR Flow after fitting the module?

In all common rail diesel engines, the EGR valve has a secondary job, which is to relieve excess boost (blow off valve (BOV)). Not all cars read this, so you cannot physically see it, but some vehicles, for example THIS model and the early Isuzus, can be read as 'EGR Flow %' on an OBD scanner. This is because, in these vehicles in particular, the ECU reads position sensor and with BOV, the EGR is opened, but flow is not determined by this reading. 

EGR Flow = Exhaust Manifold to Inlet Manifold

Blow off Valve actuation = Inlet Manifold to Exhaust Manifold

As you can see, it is running the opposite way, so no particles enter the inlet manifold, meaning the EGR Delete Module is doing its job.

Vehicles create boost at idle, meaning you may see a fluctuation of flow % as the EGR valve is always moving.

What vehicles does this suit?

RA7 Rodeos, RC Colorados, MUX and D-Max with the 4JJ1 engine, please note the information above regarding the 2017-current with DPF, euro5 engine.

If you are what engine you have in your car, go to and enter your car model to find out.

Important Information about EGR Delete Modules

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Tools required – No tools required

Installation Time - Approximately 1 minute

Difficulty – Plug and play